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I bought tickets for a concert which was cancelled. How will I get reimbursed?

In case you bought ticket for a concert and  COVID-restriction imposed by the Government force the Haags Barokgezelschap to cancel that concert, you will be informed about this. People who bought tickets will be reimbursed automatically. The amount will be transferred to your bank account.

Where to buy tickets?

Tickets for concerts of the Haags Barokgezelschap (The Hague Baroque Ensemble) are available online through the ticketshop on the website of the Haags Barokgezelschap. As soon as the ticket sale start, a button will appear in the agenda.

I cannot attend the concert; can my tickets be reimbursed?

In case you are no longer able to attend the concert and you would like your tickets to be reimbursed, please contact us. We will try to find a suitable solution.

Where do I find the admission prices?

The cantatas of the Haags Barokgezelschap are performed during the service and therefore are free. If you appreciate these cantata services, you are welcome to donate a voluntary amount after the service. Admission prices for concerts are mentioned on the posters, flyers and in the (Dutch) newsletter.

What is Ticketkantoor?

Ticketkantoor takes care of selling and financially handling the online ticketsale for the Haags Barokgezelschap.

Do I pay a service fee when I book my ticket(s) through the website?

No, there is no service fee applicable.

How can I subscribe for the digital newsletter?

The digital newsletter, which appears twice a year, is momentarily only available in Dutch: leave your email address here. When you want to unsubscribe, click on the unsubscribe link at the end of the newsletter; your email address will be removed from the list.

Visiting our concerts

Cantata services

The Haags Barokgezelschap participates in six cantata services a year in the Nieuwe Badkapel.

The cantatas are also performed in the Dorpskerk in Wassenaar in the evening service, apart from the september cantata. The cantatas are part of the service on Sunday, so admission is free. You can however show your appreciation by leaving a voluntary donation after the service. Please look at our concert calender for dates and times.


Apart from the cantata services the Haags Barokgezelschap brings a couple of concerts a year. According to Dutch tradition they take place before Easter and in the fall or before Christmas. For more information regarding dates, times and ticketsale, watch the concert calender and/or the digital newsletter, our website www.haagsbarokgezelschap.nl and social media.


Tickets bought through Ticketkantoor can be shown printed or on your smartphone at the entrance. Make sure your screen has enough clarity when showing your smartphone. 


During the concerts and services there is a free choice of seats (so being early allows for better seats). On concert nights the doors open an hour prior to the concert.

Getting there

Click here for information on addresses, public transport and parking choose.

Access to wheelchairs

The Nieuwe Badkapel and Dorpskerk both are accessible to wheelchairs. Please ask any of the volunteers in case you need assistance.

In case you didn't find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us.